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Hi, I am Adrian Koh,

I always believe that everyone has the capability to be successful and deserve to be a Top Producer. I used to be from a smaller agency for the first 7 years. I clocked yearly about $250,000 -$280,000 in 2015-2018. I couldn't find ways to further breakthroughs my current income. Furthermore, I was a Rental Agent depending on my own hardwork with no proper direction in my career.

I have achieved 3 x Propnex Millionaire with my Framework which I am ready to share with you.

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Consistent Platinum Achiever

Clocking more than 100k a month used to be a dream that I never thought was possible. However I discover the secret not only to achieve it but receiving it consistently.

It's not just hard work. You need the necessary knowledge, skillsets and right mentorship to produce results.

Invited to share my Success Formula on Company Platform

I realise those methods that was taught to me previously are traditional and no longer work efficiently in the current market.

I believe working hard is important but Working Smart is even more important. Everyone of us have the same 24 hours.

The difference in our results lies in our business model and skillsets.

Notable Accolades

I agree it's not easy rising the rank. But with the right skillsets and knowledge that I will impart to you, you can do it too.

We will rise the ranks together.

Five Important Ingredients To Be A Top Producer

Correct Mentorship

Correct Platform

Correct Attitude

Correct Startup Program

Correct Winning Team

Correct Mentorship

I believe the right mentorship is very important. I was unable to breakthrough my previous income as nobody guided me during my career. I will want to help everyone of you achieve greater breakthrough and success in the real estate journey.

I believes in being β€˜On the Ground’ and involved in Sales to proactively anticipate challenges. The only way I am able to be most updated and find a solution to our clients' concerns is because I myself is facing it..

With my strategies and Street Smart Framework that I will impart to you, we will be able to succeed together.

Correct Platform

Real Estate is a very competitive industry, the market is changing all the time, can we always use our past experience to determine the market today?

Therefore, I always believe that we need to always upgrade ourselves and ensure that we are consistent with market sentiments and continue to add value to our customers.

All the courses organise by Propnex are from Top Producers where they share their skillsets and experiences so we all benefit from this sharing culture.

Furthermore, Propnex offer the latest in technology for our agents to have the edge in today's dynamic Real Estate Market.

Correct Attitude

I believe positive energy attract positive results. In my team, there are many like minded individuals that are always willing to upgrade their skillsets and learn new knowledge.

We will set our desired target together and motivate each other achieve greater heights.

We also believe having activities keep us discipline. We will organise various prospecting activities together like Telemarketing, Roadshow , Facebook and Door Knocking. Most importantly is to put into practice, the skills and knowledges we acquired from Powerful Negotiators Group trainings.

Correct Startup Program

The Power Start Up Program, taught by platinum producers and millionaires, is a strong kickstart program. It is to prepare new RES as a group in successfully kickstart your real estate journey. And eventually drawing on a larger team resources.πŸ†πŸ†

This training will teach you how to get your real estate business off the ground at a low cost and with a high profit margin.

Correct Winning Team

Highly Motivated & Dynamic Team of like-minded individuals who are ready to work hard and win together. 

If winning resonate with you, PM us to find out more of our winning culture and vision.

More Winning Training Programs

More than 90 agents have embarked the journey to join my team and learn how I am able to effectively close deals and create unique strategies to transact cases efficiently.

Why did they chose to join me?

Let's have a coffee session and I can share how my Street Smart Framework can benefit your career.



At Adrian Koh District, we never fail to groom Top Producers and Rookies on every new intake and all of us are truly Here To WinπŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻

HTW Michael Chen, Vannessa Kong and TT Lum were past invitee by Marcus Luah Advisory to share how they achieve success. We hope you are the next one!

Pm us if you will like to find out how to spur your real estate success in the shortest period of time.

Only if you are Here To Win! πŸ†

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Here To Win Headquarters

Success Stories

Terence Tang

I am very happy to close a Pullman Residences in less than 2 months after joining Adrian Koh.

I understand better on how to be a better consultant using the Street Smart Framework.

With the right mentorship, platform and system, I believe I can value add to my clients better and reach higher heights in my career.

Chloe Lim

Thank you Adrian for your constant guidance & patience. Always there to teach us new ideas & troubleshoot.

I am really glad to join you and have tripled my annual income after the switch over.

TT Lum

I was fearful of the switch to the Real Estate Career from my previous job in teaching but under Adrian Koh Leadership , my only regret was not making the switch earlier.

Very Happy to cross the $550k mark in less than a year of joining the industry. This could never be possible without Adrian Koh guidance.

He is one of the most selfless leader out there and answers all my queries even after midnight.

Vannessa Kong

I managed to cross $300,000 within 6 month in joining the industry.

Adrian is always readily available to answer my queries and share how to better handle various case studies.

I will highly recommend new RES to join him to achieve your best potential.

We are looking for like-minded individuals to build a legacy together.

Learn Together, Win Together.


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Testimonials From HTW's Members

You are a β˜•οΈ away from being the next Top Producer!


+65 97 222 999


480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh
HDB Hub East Wing #10-01
Singapore 310480

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Adrian Koh


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